Monday, April 20, 2009

Wash Real Est Inv

Power pick of the day: Wash Real Est Inv (WRE) trading at USD 20.78.

  • 52-wk range: USD 14.63 - 39.04
  • EPS: 0.665
  • P/E Ratio: 32.69
  • Market Cap: 1.101B
  • Average Daily Volume: 1,618,660

Stock Chart

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Washington Post Real Estate editor and columnist Washington Post, United States Post Real Estate editor Maryann Haggerty and author Elizabeth Razzi discussed the local housing market -- from condos and investment properties to contracts and mortgages. Elizabeth Razzi: Hi, everybody! Glad to have you back. Please, post comments to [via Washington Post on 2009-04-17T17:16:48Z]

Day planner Augusta Chronicle, GA If you are interested in real estate investing, call Bert Ellis at (803) 645-7883. - Income Opportunities in real estate, mortgages and investment services; Thursdays, 7 pm, Clarion Suites, 3038 Washington Road; free; call to reserve seats, [via Augusta Chronicle on 2009-04-20T04:33:16Z]

Real Estate CEOs Perceive Damaged Market with Glimmer of Hope PR Newswire (press release), NY WASHINGTON , April 20 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Senior real estate executives anticipate access to capital may improve slightly in the next 12 months, yet they indicate that current conditions in the income-producing real estate sector -- encompassing [via PR Newswire (press release) on 2009-04-20T14:11:05Z]

Reid Hoffman: My Rule of Three for Investing Washington Post, United States But neither of these approaches answer the first few questions I want to know as an investor: In real estate the wisdom says ?location, location, location.? In consumer Internet, think ?distribution, distribution, distribution. [via Washington Post on 2009-04-20T06:48:44Z] (press release), Bulgaria These ratios represent historical lows for the Company and are reflective of the effects of the significant declines in real estate values throughout the western United States. On April 24, 2009, Washington Federal will pay a cash dividend of $.05 per [via (press release) on 2009-04-20T07:14:28Z]

Palm Beach Post, United States Three years later, according to court documents and news stories, Martin was using his Seattle-based, nationally syndicated radio show, The Real Estate and Money Show with Michael Martin, to hawk a number of real estate-related investments, [via Palm Beach Post on 2009-04-19T20:00:18Z]

How Low Will Real Estate Go? Forbes, NY Two weeks ago, Joyti Goundar, an agent at Redfin, a residential real estate brokerage, entered a bid of $420000 for a three-bedroom, 1625-square-foot La Crescenta home outside of LA, listed at $299000. When she lost the bid, she wasn't surprised. [via Forbes on 2009-04-17T20:05:45Z]

Tax credit handy for home buyers The News Journal, DE The real estate market has been among the hardest-hit industries in the current recession. Maura Glenn, director of marketing for Benchmark Builders, said the company's McMullen Square properties and other developments are doing well. [via The News Journal on 2009-04-19T07:51:48Z]

Why Interest Will Rise in Principal Barron's Add to that worries about Principal's investment portfolio, which includes a big chunk of commercial-real-estate loans and mortgage securities. In February, the shares plummeted after Principal revealed a 72% decline in its book value to $7.45 a share, [via Barron's on 2009-04-20T04:04:44Z]

Tracking the recession: Tuition programs in danger, DC “The program will end,” predicted Stanley Tate, founder of Florida's prepaid tuition program and a Miami real estate developer. Tate has been fighting an often lonely battle against the tuition increases, waged with $500000 for newspaper advertisements [via on 2009-04-20T04:01:54Z]

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