Friday, December 19, 2008

Loews Cp

Power pick of the day: Loews Cp (L) trading at USD 27.97.

  • 52-wk range: USD 19.39 - 51.51
  • EPS: 11.276
  • P/E Ratio: 2.43
  • Market Cap: 12.197B
  • Average Daily Volume: 3,145,490

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A team effort is a lot of people doing what I say. -- Michael Winner, British film director

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Healthcare Rlty T

Power pick of the day: Healthcare Rlty T (HR) trading at USD 22.27.

  • 52-wk range: USD 14.29 - 32.00
  • EPS: 0.608
  • P/E Ratio: 37.55
  • Market Cap: 1.310B
  • Average Daily Volume: 1,372,470

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Holiday hold off Birmingham Business Journal, AL - 1 hour ago She surely wasn’t going to let the down economy force her to nix what will be her 20th anniversary celebration. “I had a builder say, ‘I know you always [via Birmingham Business Journal on 2008-12-18T14:14:56Z]

New businesses Providence Journal, RI - 14 hours ago Home health care services. Basement BrewHaus LLC: M: Chandler Hearn, 198 Carpenter St., Providence 02903. A: Chandler Hearn, 198 Carpenter St., [via Providence Journal on 2008-12-18T00:29:04Z]

Three Real-Estate Stocks for Tough Times Barron's - Dec 8, 2008 Like Realty Income and Health Care REIT, Essex's debt schedule is more favorable than its competitors' -- about 70% of its debt matures after 2012, [via Barron's on 2008-12-08T23:58:30Z]

CoStar Group, MD - 5 hours ago (By: Jennifer Conley) Sage Software Healthcare Inc. leased more than 64300 square feet at the newly constructed Corporate Center Four building in Tampa, FL. [via CoStar Group on 2008-12-18T09:23:31Z]

Town Commons: What's happening on the South Shore Dec. 18-26, 2008 Daily News Tribune, MA - 16 hours ago Blood drive – The American Red Cross and Coyne Healthcare Center, 56 Webster St., Rockland will be hosting a blood drive on Dec. [via Daily News Tribune on 2008-12-17T22:33:40Z]

Kite joins peer developers in downsizing Indianapolis Business Journal, IN - Dec 16, 2008 The firm kept a positive outlook on health care- and apartment-focused real estate firms. Real estate development is always a cyclical business, [via Indianapolis Business Journal on 2008-12-16T17:31:44Z]

The healthcare boon, Illinois - Dec 4, 2008 That doesn't mean, though, that medical and healthcare can "save" struggling developers and construction firms that had largely ignored the field until now. [via on 2008-12-04T16:43:27Z]

North Carolina News & Observer, NC - Dec 16, 2008 Four new members will join the NC Theatre's board of directors in 2009: Robert T. Harris, former senior vice president, health care division and chief [via News & Observer on 2008-12-16T11:14:13Z]

It's your business Topeka Capital Journal, KS - Dec 13, 2008 Maynard F. Oliverius, president and chief executive officer of Stormont-Vail HealthCare, was awarded the Charles S. Billings Award by the members of the [via Topeka Capital Journal on 2008-12-14T06:01:00Z]

Don't just walk away from debts Sarasota Herald-Tribune, FL - Dec 7, 2008 Exit Creative Realty and the Berlin Law Firm are teaming up to offer a free seminar on short sales, or convincing a lender to take less on a home than what [via Sarasota Herald-Tribune on 2008-12-08T06:43:22Z]

Just to remind everyone. Today, Sept 17, is Linux's 5th birthday. So happy birthday to all on the list. Thanks go out to Linus and all the other hard-working maintainers for 5 wonderful fast paced years! -- William E. Roadcap <>

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hub Group, Inc.

Power pick of the day: Hub Group, Inc. (HUBG) trading at USD 23.51.

  • 52-wk range: USD 20.92 - 44.44
  • EPS: 1.676
  • P/E Ratio: 13.81
  • Market Cap: 885.1M
  • Average Daily Volume: 548,157

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MarketWatch - Dec 16, 2008 The report profiles 219 companies including many key and niche players worldwide such as Criterium, Inc., Covance, Inc., Encorium Group, Inc., ICON PLC, [via MarketWatch on 2008-12-16T12:39:52Z]

Examine the World Gears, Drives & Speed Changers Market MarketWatch - Dec 16, 2008 The report profiles 430 companies including many key and niche players worldwide such as AABB Ltd., Bharat Gears, Bonfiglioli Group, BorgWarner Inc, [via MarketWatch on 2008-12-16T12:10:20Z] - Dec 11, 2008 UC Hub Group, Inc. operates as a software development, marketing and digital distribution company for transaction based operations on the web and mobile [via on 2008-12-11T18:47:14Z]

SM group forms consortium to build entertainment hub ABS CBN News Sy holding firm partners with units to develop gambling hub BusinessWorld Online SM expands retail group GMA - Business Mirrorall 10 news articles [via Manila Bulletin on 2008-12-17T05:51:40Z]

Third-Quarter 2008 System Airline Financial Data: Network Airlines [via on 2008-12-15T18:22:18Z]

24 Hour Fitness Sport Club Opens at Miramar Town Center MarketWatch - 18 hours ago The club also offers group exercise classes, sessions with a personal trainer and nutritional programming. While parents work out, kids can entertain [via MarketWatch on 2008-12-16T20:42:23Z]

MarketWatch - Dec 15, 2008 [via MarketWatch on 2008-12-15T19:35:40Z]

Proposed NSG hubs face staff crunch all 3 news articles [via Times of India on 2008-12-16T15:59:26Z]

Christian Science Monitor Japan quietly seeks global leadership niches Christian Science Monitor, MA - 17 hours ago He and like-minded colleagues started brainstorming how best to nudge change within Kasumigaseki, Japan's ministerial hub. In 2005, Project K, as the group [via Christian Science Monitor on 2008-12-16T21:48:42Z]

US Airways Group, Inc. Reports November Traffic MarketWatch - Dec 3, 2008 Consolidated US Airways Group, Inc. November 2008 2007 % Change Consolidated Revenue Passenger Miles (000) Domestic 3687673 3994812 (7.7 ) Atlantic 446823 [via MarketWatch on 2008-12-03T13:03:03Z]

What I want to find out is -- do parrots know much about Astro-Turf?

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Partner Communica

Power pick of the day: Partner Communica (PTNR) trading at USD 15.91.

  • 52-wk range: USD 14.02 - 24.70
  • EPS: 1.774
  • P/E Ratio: 8.61
  • Market Cap: 2.440B
  • Average Daily Volume: 220,974

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AT THE OFFICE: Layoffs put a strain on relationships Grand Forks Herald, ND - Dec 14, 2008 To avoid such conversations, marriage counselors recommend ratcheting up communica-tion. South Miami, Fla., psychologist Wendy Joffe suggests couples [via Grand Forks Herald on 2008-12-15T06:06:32Z]

ICT Partnering Event Future Match at CeBIT 2009 Cordis News, Belgium - Dec 4, 2008 Finding international cooperation partners and new solutions in information and communica-tion technologies - this opportunity is provided by the 11th [via Cordis News on 2008-12-04T14:32:02Z]

The good (I am convinced, for one) Is but the bad one leaves undone. Once your reputation's done You can live a life of fun. -- Wilhelm Busch

Monday, December 15, 2008

Dominion Res New

Power pick of the day: Dominion Res New (D) trading at USD 34.57.

  • 52-wk range: USD 31.26 - 49.38
  • EPS: 3.08
  • P/E Ratio: 11.23
  • Market Cap: 20.097B
  • Average Daily Volume: 4,128,320

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Restoring China's national destiny Asia Times Online, Hong Kong - 4 hours ago The March 1845 vote on the joint resolution in the Senate was passed 27 to 25. Tyler signed the Joint Resolution into law, which called for annexation of [via Asia Times Online on 2008-12-15T10:23:20Z]

Challenges with Difference (press release), India - 20 hours ago It succeeded in getting a resolution passed in getting some Pakistani citizen declared as ‘terrorists’. If India going to UN in the wake of Mumbai attacks [via (press release) on 2008-12-14T18:57:38Z]

BioOptics World, OK - Dec 4, 2008 At the RSNA event, Imaging3 is showing new images produced by the system. Dominion uses high-resolution photo-fluoroscopy to produce three-dimensional [via BioOptics World on 2008-12-04T13:26:08Z]

Caribbean Net News, Cayman Islands - 11 hours ago British pirates, along with French and Dutch ships, then roamed the entire region to challenge Spain’s dominion. Centuries before the Spanish, Portuguese, [via Caribbean Net News on 2008-12-15T03:54:03Z]

Topic: Christianity and the Vedic Teachings Within It (Read 333 times) The Daily Kenoshan, Wisconsin - Dec 13, 2008 Herein, dominion does not mean to do whatever one wants to with other creatures, but to have dominion as a ruler of a country has leadership over the people [via The Daily Kenoshan on 2008-12-14T03:41:45Z]

Restraint required in Southern Ocean (press release) all 125 news articles [via on 2008-11-28T16:06:50Z]

their views concerning: The adoption of a resolution granting a personal property tax exemption for Old Dominion Emergency Medical Services Alliance. [via Chesterfield Observer (subscription) on 2008-12-10T16:50:52Z]

New Zealand - Culture & History The Age, Australia - Nov 27, 2008 New Zealand was given dominion status in the British Empire in 1907 and granted autonomy by Britain in 1931; independence, however, was not formally [via Culture & History - The Age on 2008-11-27T23:19:20Z] TV review: Plots that make you scream at the screen, New Zealand - Dec 10, 2008 By JANE CLIFTON - The Dominion Post | Thursday, 11 December 2008 But wait, there's more. Last night's finale of Mistresses, TV One, seemed to wrap up the [via on 2008-12-10T22:01:19Z]

Windcrest: Partner in City Hall deal revealed San Antonio Express, TX - Nov 18, 2008 By Craig Kapitan - Express-News San Antonio-based Dominion Advisory Group recently agreed to buy land the city of Windcrest had once eyed for a new City [via San Antonio Express on 2008-11-19T03:33:19Z]

ARTHUR What is an Algolian Zylatburger anyway? FORD They're a kind of meatburger made from the most unpleasant parts of a creature well known for its total lack of any pleasant parts. ARTHUR So you mean that the Universe does actually end not with a bang but with a Wimpy? - Cut dialogue from Fit the Fifth.