Friday, April 11, 2008

Ebix Inc

Power pick of the day: Ebix Inc (EBIX) trading at USD 77.33.

  • 52-wk range: USD 29.00 - 79.23
  • EPS: 3.607
  • P/E Ratio: 21.96
  • Market Cap: 264.8M
  • Average Daily Volume: 5,414

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Q4 2007 Ebix Inc. Earnings Conference Call - Final Insurance News Net (press release), PA - Mar 14, 2008 ROBERT KERRIS, CFO, EBIX, INC.: Yes. This is Robert Kerris I'll respond to that. The company has a substantial amounts of net operating loss carry forwards [via Final - Insurance News Net (press release) on 2008-03-14T18:46:34Z]

Ebix Increases Buyback Plan to $5M Forbes, NY - Mar 27, 2008 AP 03.27.08, 12:30 PM ET Ebix Inc., which provides software for the insurance industry, has increased its share repurchase authorization to $5 million, [via Forbes on 2008-03-27T16:37:00Z]

Quick!! Act as if nothing has happened!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Concur Technologi

Power pick of the day: Concur Technologi (CNQR) trading at USD 29.18.

  • 52-wk range: USD 17.07 - 39.73
  • EPS: 0.247
  • P/E Ratio: 116.72
  • Market Cap: 1.285B
  • Average Daily Volume: 846,565

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Who are the artists in the Computer Graphics Show? Wavefront's latest box, or the people who programmed it? Should Mandelbrot get all the credit for the output of programs like MandelVroom? -- Peter da Silva

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

City Natl Cp

Power pick of the day: City Natl Cp (CYN) trading at USD 49.48.

  • 52-wk range: USD 48.00 - 78.54
  • EPS: 4.518
  • P/E Ratio: 11.06
  • Market Cap: 2.378B
  • Average Daily Volume: 758,922

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Sault This Week, Canada - 23 hours ago At the start and end of the two-hour session, Mayor John Rowswell delivered his personal message that the City was prepared to work with both senior levels [via Sault This Week on 2008-04-08T17:55:17Z]

TriTech seeking a new owner Minneapolis Star Tribune (subscription), MN - Apr 6, 2008 By SUSAN FEYDER, Star Tribune TriTech Office Center, a nine-story building near City Hall and the federal courthouse in downtown Minneapolis, is for sale. [via Minneapolis Star Tribune (subscription) on 2008-04-06T21:39:39Z]

Fire wrecks historic armoury London Free Press, Canada - Apr 5, 2008 It was declared a national historic site in 1986. The building was scheduled to host events this year for Quebec City's 400th anniversary. [via London Free Press on 2008-04-06T06:03:59Z]

Nepal Heads to the Polls OhmyNews International, South Korea - 13 hours ago And where does the 97000-strong national army come into play when it comes to post-election politics? Analysts say that the elections are certain to go [via OhmyNews International on 2008-04-09T03:51:49Z]

TransCanada expands south London Free Press, Canada - Apr 2, 2008 By LAUREN KRUGEL, CP CALGARY -- Energy giant TransCanada Corp. has agreed to buy the Ravenswood generating station in New York City for US$2.8 billion, [via London Free Press on 2008-04-02T09:42:35Z]

King's hope for poor stalled: Anti-poverty drive was salve, not cure Trading Markets (press release), CA - Apr 6, 2008 Back then, she was organizing public housing residents to march in the streets and protest at city council meetings. She imagined Durham's poor climbing out [via Trading Markets (press release) on 2008-04-06T09:50:11Z]

Jobs, development key issues in commissioners' race Trading Markets (press release), CA - Apr 6, 2008 He is the executive director of the CP Huntington Railroad Historical Society Inc. and a national director of the National Railway Society. [via Trading Markets (press release) on 2008-04-06T12:39:02Z]

Doubts over CP rescuer Melbourne Herald Sun, Australia - Mar 12, 2008 Yesterday City Pacific announced that CEC, chaired by former Queensland premier Rob Borbidge and with former National Companies and Securities Commission [via Melbourne Herald Sun on 2008-03-12T14:05:26Z]

Why is the Left So Boring? - If I Can't Dance [via If I Can't Dance .... - Infoshop News on 2008-04-08T17:35:25Z]

Dead city soldier identified Edmonton Sun, Canada - Mar 18, 2008 The Canadian Forces National Investigation Service is continuing its investigation into the death, but foul play has been ruled out. [via Edmonton Sun on 2008-03-18T08:16:23Z]

BOFH Excuse #139: UBNC (user brain not connected)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Providence Svc Cp

Power pick of the day: Providence Svc Cp (PRSC) trading at USD 28.97.

  • 52-wk range: USD 23.51 - 33.50
  • EPS: 1.194
  • P/E Ratio: 24.16
  • Market Cap: 352.3M
  • Average Daily Volume: 94,386

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The Canadian Press, WINNIPEG - Mar 25, 2008 With more than 1000 grain elevators shut down since the early 1990s, railways have realized efficiencies but service has suffered, the wheat board says. [via The Canadian Press on 2008-03-26T00:01:24Z]

Laureate Epsilon Beta Busy, Welcomes New Members Tampa Tribune, FL - Apr 1, 2008 Any woman serving or who has served in any of the military sea services may join, including the Coast Guard, Navy, Marine Corps, Maritime Service or their [via Tampa Tribune on 2008-04-02T04:04:19Z]

Louis Berkhof 1873 - 1957 Banner of Truth, UK - Mar 28, 2008 He died quite unexpectedly in Blodlett Hospital on a Saturday morning, and the following week there was a packed church for the funeral service. [via 1957 - Banner of Truth on 2008-03-28T09:53:37Z]


Monday, April 7, 2008

Celanese Corporat

Power pick of the day: Celanese Corporat (CE) trading at USD 42.55.

  • 52-wk range: USD 30.70 - 44.77
  • EPS: 2.488
  • P/E Ratio: 16.78
  • Market Cap: 6.482B
  • Average Daily Volume: 1,572,080

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Rick: "How can you close me up? On what grounds?" Renault: "I'm shocked! Shocked! To find that gambling is going on here." Croupier (handing money to Renault): "Your winnings, sir." Renault:"Oh. Thank you very much." -- Casablanca